The Banquet Series includes Design Series offerings, Select Value Series , and Economy Series offerings  to meet the needs, style, and budget of every project.

Quality, Style, Value

As a result of 30+ years building some of the most desirable worship seating on the market, we offer a complete line of worship and banquet seating to meet the needs of any project.

We work exclusively with dealers to provide premium quality seating and value for clients.  Our Design Series includes many upgrade fabrics at no additional cost.  The Select Value Series is for the most budget conscientious clients, without sacrificing quality or features.

The Select Value Series offers the same quality and feature options, and a selection of maximum wear fabrics to choose from in today's most popular colors.

The Design Series

was created for the most discerning clients looking for quality craftsmanship, high-end features and lasting comfort. *Numerous Designer fabrics included.